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G4 Sucks

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hello everyone [May. 19th, 2005|04:49 pm]
G4 Sucks
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[Ranting To: |Attack of the Show Bumper]

I am here almost in defence of G4, but mostly a Tech TV fan...

I love Attack Of The Show and X-Play, but seriously G4 is turning into a Spike TV ripoff

"Video Game Television"=Stuff for "Gamers" (people who claim to be Video Gamers, but really they own an x-box and halo 2, and then claim they more gaming than you)

at least TechTV was cool... But I think The Screen Savers Should be back to Leo and Pat, Yet KEEP Attack Of the Show... 2 Hours of Pure Live Goodness.

SYTM looks like a good show and TWIT is on my ipod as a PodCast.

I think G4 just did what i knew it would do=Screw TechTV and add "Gaming Knowledge" (aka "OMG its the Revoultion YOU SUCK IF YOU DON'T BUY IT")

now about attack of the show and x-play, those shows keep the fun of Tech TV and G4 together...

From: xxseventyx7
2005-06-04 12:31 pm (UTC)
i agree with you, completely.

what bothers me about G4tv isn't that it's not about computers anymore, cause i'm not really a computer geek. i watched XPlay. maaaaybe screen savers. i'm a gamer-but a HARDCORE GAMER. what bothers me about g4 is that they're shows are for the cosmetic gamer. the guy who played halo for the guns, who played DOA beach volley ball for the girls, and who's xbox live gamer tag is "1337m4s73r". these are the same people who post crap on the xplay forums like, "morgon so doesn't play video games", or "you guys sux! i'm so much better than you!"

poor xplay. they're the only ones who are intelligent on the entire station.

with that said, i actually think neo-kevin is coming around. i think sessler's rubbing off on him a little bit, what with the co-hosting on AotS. Which, i'm actually able to watch and know SOME tech news because of Adam. (i'm not that interested, but knowing when i'm getting sued next is nice. thank you, "the feed")

now if we can only get rid of IT CAME FROM EBAY! and Judgement Day.
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