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G4 Sucks

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Hey ya'll. [May. 7th, 2005|12:38 am]
G4 Sucks


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[Ranting To: |AotS - S'cool Girls]

This is super_mario_sis.. changed accounts. Anyways..

I've come to a conclusion. G4 is the television equivilent of.. of.. let's say.. a slug. I don't hate slugs. I am rather repulsed by them, however. My same thoughts on G4.

First topic.. The Whip Set. Let's talk about the Whip Set. This is what the commercial basically is:
Why are those shows even still on? You can't tell me someone actually watchs it.. if they do.. I want there name and email adress so I can tell them off personally.

But let's break it down.. Formula D. I don't even need to say it. this article (previously posted) says it all.. "Racing and video games go as well together as racism and the ACLU. The only time I've ever even heard of Drift Racing was on an episode of "X-Play" wherein Sessler talked about it for 5 minutes, tops. So basing an entire show around something no one's ever heard of...a brilliant idea."

And Street Fury. Sounds 1337!!1one! When I think of the words "Street Fury", I think of the words "Road Rage". Which remind me of "The Simpsons' Road Rage", which pretty much describes the show: You guessed it! Utter crap!

A Cheat! Oh, Cheat.. I, for whatever insane reason, used to like this show (even despite the fact it was sponsered by Pringles, which shows how cheap G4 is). At least Cory was.. well, different. But no, now it's hosted by a whore, because THAT'LL get viewers! e_e Cheat makes me sad. It's fairly obvious she knows nothing about games, and they even could've picked a better moron - I mean, at least Tina Wood and Laura Foy are somewhat good looking.

And Sweat - wow, a show that sounds like it's about perspiring! Great job G4!

Pulse.. this show makes me feel dirty. in a bad way.

Players - Wow, they're HARDCORE! Cuz like, only hArDcOrE gamers play nothing Halo and Madden!! 1337!

Well.. this has been today's mini-rant. Please wait until the complaining comes to a full and complete stop before leaving your comment. Thanks, come again.

EDIT: Oh yea, 'scuse the typos. It's 1:00 am.

[User Picture]From: ninjamonkeybeck
2005-05-07 05:31 pm (UTC)
I completly agree, the Whip Set is complete utter bullshit, If a channel is going to be about video games, even if their sell outs, make sure you have shows about video games, all the whip set is about is pulling on the sterotype that today all black people should dedicate their life to having cars which owning will force them into bankrupcy, all for the sake of ricking their life for a fucking race. second Corey Rouse rulled back when G4 was plain fine G4, he sounded like he actually knew something about VG's. Now they got a dombass wench on the show and she doesn't even know how to speak right. Pulse does not exist anymore, for shame that they let a dive deeper into the world of gaming to make hardcore gamers more educated about what they were doing go, for the sake of getting more ratings, this was a preaty good hour of TV gone replaced By The mother fucking whip set, god I hate pop culture. Players also just eggs on more stereotypes that girls have to play games like mario, and pac man, and crash bandi-fuckin-cot, and black people only play games like madden, nfl streer, true crime, and street racing games, and games with rappers in them. This realy pisses me off as I have good freinds that are girls and play mortal kombat, gta, devil may cry, suikoden, and other so called "guy games". Also I have freinds which are Black and play ratchet and Clank, Mario, Ape escape, DDR, 007, Zelda, and other games not aimed at the "African American Community", Those fuckin racists. also Sweat has always sucked ASS

-Damn that was a long supporting rant comment
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