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I AM TRULY PISSED OFF - G4 Sucks [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
G4 Sucks

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I AM TRULY PISSED OFF [May. 1st, 2005|06:18 pm]
G4 Sucks


[Feeling: |pissed offG4 should eat feces]
[Ranting To: |Not G4]

fuck those G4 bastards, Long live TechTV, I joined in spite of this damn channel, before those evil evil men bought out TechTV I actually liked G4, I'm a gamer nerd 1st and a tech nerd 2nd, but when you have the nerve to completely anialate a great channel such as TechTV out of a marketing ploy, you should be forced to eat the feces of a burito filled fat man. I had no problem with it when it was G4TechTV for a while, I would of had no problem if they kept all or at least most of the shows were still intact. But G4 had the nerve to do a mock merger, and say that your going to keep all of the shows from TechTV and let them all wither away with the exeption of Xplay and TSS or now as they call it Attack of the Show (whitch the ad for it is a complete and blatent example of false advertizing). This is when i started to get realy peterbed. I want Invent This back, I want Call For Help back, I even want Unscrewed back. Above all I want Leo back. This is how the greatest television channel ever got F'ed in the A. Now I say that we take a feild trip over to the G4 labs in Calafornia, plant some C4 and blow the fuck out of G4. With the exeption of Adam Sesler and Mooorgan Webb.
PS Is Meet the Ses gonna be a real show? The preveiw looked awsome.
---FUCK G4

[User Picture]From: ninjamonkeybeck
2005-05-02 11:25 pm (UTC)
Damnit, Meet the ses could be the shit, but If it's not real then what the shit is Ses gonna do now that he's left X-Play. And I dont have the two on my list not to explode, but Mccools right, Rose hates G4 and I wouldn;t like to have his entrails on the wall
Also to my list I want Future Fighting Machines back GODAMNIT
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